We offer a variety of assistance and maintenance services

Our provision of services is able to cover all installation, maintenance and repair needs in the field of industrial electronics.  We are the ideal solution for companies that do not have a network in the area, or for companies that need external resources to manage peak workloads.  We provide assistance promptly nationwide.

riparazioni meccaniche, riparazioni elettroniche, assistenza tecnica

Customer on-site Support

Thanks to our on-site technical assistance, we guarantee timely and effective repairs on all machines and systems for which transport is not possible.

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riparazioni elettroniche, riparazione macchinari, manutenzione elettronica

Support in the workshop

A state-of-the-art electronic workshop and the experience of our technicians allows us to carry out repairs on every type of machinery.

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programmazione manutenzioni, piano di manutenzione, monitoraggio impianti

Preventive maintenance

The ideal service to guarantee the perfect functioning of the machines, minimizing the risks for production that may come from malfunctions and breakdowns.

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installazioni industriali, installazione macchinari, primo avviamento macchinari

Installation and testing of machinery

With this service, our company is able to replace the manufacturer in any way with regard to the installation, testing and start up of equipment.

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