Equipment Installation and start-up

Our company is able to provide an installation and start-up service for electromechanical systems on behalf of third parties. The many years of experience and the preparation of our staff are a guarantee of the perfect result of a phase that we know is very delicate.  Precisely for this reason we are aware of how important it is to pay attention to the relationship with the parent companies, so as to be always updated on the state of the art of the equipment.


We specialize in repairs and maintenance of electromechanical machinery in the following product sectors:

  • Banking (automatic money management)
  • Fitness (equipment for gyms and hospital cardiac rehabilitation)
  • Industrial automation (industrial robots)
  • Electronic industry (pick & place machines and automatic optical inspection machines  AOI)
  • Medical analysis (laboratory analysis equipment)
  • High-tech Industry machinery (laser cutting and marking systems and additive manufacturing)

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