About us: We are a company specialized in technical support for third parties

Thirty years of Industrial Maintenance Operations

We are a company that has been operating for over thirty years in the field of technical assistance service for Industry, capable of operating on analog and digital systems. We conduct interventions and repairs of various types of electronic systems equipment both in our workshop and nationwide. Our staff, highly specialized in electronics, are able to guarantee the customer the repairs they need with precision and timeliness. In addition to a long-standing experience in industrial electronics, we hold a consolidated expertise in the field of IT.

We offer maintenance and assistance services to suit each client.

Our main clients are both manufacturers of electronic equipment and commercial companies, Italian and foreign.  They rely on us for the management of technical problems related to the devices or systems supplied to their customers.  We offer them a technical assistance service that is able to support their structure for ad-hoc services, and to take care of the entire management of maintenance and assistance.  We are able to operate both as a permanent workshop as well as on site at the customer’s premises, so as to intervene effectively on all the plants that for reasons can not be sent for repair.

Advantages of entrusting technical assistance to a local company.

Among the advantages of collaborating with a local company, most evident is the reduction of travel costs by the parent company, quick response time and cost efficiency in periods of low activity.  The collaboration with an external company such as ours allows the customer to optimize the expenditure of maintenance and assistance, seeing as the workload is not constant throughout the year.   Another advantage is the greater flexibility and promptness that we are able to guarantee in managing operations.  Our know-how, refined in over thirty years of experience, enables us to operate in various industrial electronics sectors, and permits us to approach the opportunities for collaboration in areas that are new to us, guaranteeing the client a service prepared to fulfill all his needs.

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